Sunday, May 8, 2011

oh happy day

on this special day, i am so thankful to be 

a daughter (to the most beautiful, kind, generous, loving mother)

a daughter-in-law (isn't my mother in law adorable?!)

a sister

and especially, a mother.

happy mother's day to my amazing mothers, my fabulous sisters, my super cool friends (love love love all of you ladies!!!) 

and happy mother's day to me! :) i am simply in awe of how blessed i am.

i am honored to announce that beatrice has won a free oliverblue family portrait session. beatrice is in the fight of her life and i am so honored to have the opportunity to capture some precious memories of her and her family. thank you to everyone who commented. i truly wish i could give a free portrait session to all of you!!! since you are all so totally rad (yes, a bit of me is still stuck in the 80s once in a while), i would like to offer a 25% discount off portrait sessions to everyone who commented. 
blessed mom's day wishes.

cheers, xoxo


"all that i am or hope to be, i owe to my angel mother"  - abraham lincoln


  1. Aaw thanks for sharing Nik. I got over the fact that you posted my bucked teeth and crazy bangs pretty quickly after looking at all the rest. :) You are pretty amazing yourself Nik. Love you lots.

  2. So cute Nikki! I just love the way you guys dress Oliver. Makes me wish Bri would still let us help her. LOL. Is Beatrice the one that was recommended by your friend? If so, I'm glad you chose her. What a majorly difficult thing to go thru and you will be giving her an AMAZING gift and something wonderful to look forward to during the rough time. Good for you darlin! I will happily take you up on the offer. Let's chat soon. :)

  3. Yes Dani. Lets definitely chat soon! xoxo to you and sweet Bri. ;)

  4. All these pics of you kids when you were little, the ones of you and O together... they made me tear up, Nik. Beautiful families. Love you guys!