Tuesday, September 25, 2012


oliver is officially in the "why?" phase.
all day long... "why?...but why?...but how come?...oh, why?..."
has made for some interesting conversations at the mclaughlin house.

case in point (this morning):

oliver: mama, but why are we going to da dim (the gym) today?
mommy: because honey, mommy wants to.
oliver: why?
mommy: because.
oliver: because why?
mommy: well oliver, mommy's bum-bum is a tad bigger than i want my bum-bum to be
and unfortunately i can't just magically make it disappear.
oliver: oh. sorry. but how come?
mommy: we are going to the gym buddy.
and then i bent down to put miles in his car seat and suddenly oliver was behind me 
waving his magic wand (drum stick) in circles around mommy's bum-bum and shouting

oliver: "abracadabra!"

priceless. and so fun.

speaking of fun,
new pics of two of my very favorite (super fun + fabulous) subjects to shoot:

 way fun.

guess who is seven months old already!
and gorgeous!
and sweet as sweet could possibly be.

mr. miles:

a very happy birthday wish
to my (one day soon to be) brother-in-law eddie
who is kind,
generous, funny, talented (move over martha...way over),
and an incredibly rad uncle to my boys!
and what an awesome addition to the family.

happy birthday bro.



"if you only have one smile in you, give it to the people you love." - m. angelou

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