Monday, September 3, 2012

oliver{green} is a big boy; not so glam glamping.

so hard for me to believe it has been three years
since i first saw his gorgeous little mug
and looked into those big bright baby blues.
(also hard to believe that those baby blues - that were so blue
that i named by photography business after them -
are now baby greens.)

oliver is 3!

he continues to amaze and amuse me all the time.
a couple of weeks ago, his cousin roo brought back
a super sweet lightning mcqueen watch for him
from disneyland.
the watch did not leave oliver's wrist - not once -
for an entire week.
during that week, i found it very peculiar
that oliver kept speaking into the watch.
he mumbled random things each time but always
ended each mumbling with the same two words:
"question mark."
baffled, i asked him on several occasions what he
meant by question mark.
each time i asked, he looked at me
(with a baffled look of his own) and
simply smiled and said "ha. you know. question mark."
then, one morning on the way to the gym,
with oliver and miles in the back seat,
i picked up my iphone to have siri send a text message
to my sister. i spoke these words into my phone:
"are you on your way to the gym. question mark."


no longer will i questions whether or not
my son is listening, very intently,
to it all.

he amazes me.
he amuses me.
he makes my heart full
all day,
every day.

we decided a camping trip was in order to
commemorate our big boy turning 3.

we looked forward to said camping trip for months.
prepared for weeks.
we drove five hours to the oregon coast at tillamook,
all the while eager to get some r&r,
play on the beach,
sit around a fire,
roast some marshmallows,
enjoy four days in the great outdoors.
so excited to spend some time with oliver's uncles!

we were there 22 hours when
it started pouring.
the wind started howling.
two of our tent poles snapped in half.
tent caved inward.
everything was wet.

it took us roughly two hours (in the pouring rain)
to pack all of our (wet) things back into the truck and head out.
out tent is in the dumpster at cape lookout state park.

luckily, in our 22 hours of not so glam camping,
we did in fact get some r&r,
we played on the beach,
we sat around a camp fire,
we roasted marshmallows,
we even went wine and cheese tasting,
and we (especially the birthday boy)
enjoyed the great outdoors.

next year, we'll go east.
with a camper.

(not to fret. did not go to waste. the CRAZY lady who was setting up camp next door as we were headed out, was glad to take my opened bottle of cab.)


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