Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PRETTY in pink: Mia is 1.

it has only been a few months since i shot
(these photos) of miss mia.
so awesome how obsessed she was with her feet!

she is all grow'd up now!
and has a new obsession: her pooh bear.

and she just keeps getting sweeter
and even more adorable!

big girl, SO PRETTY in pink:

cannot wait for miss mia's next portrait session!
speaking of cute,
i was just flipping through
the latest mini boden catalog...
i am obsessing over their current,
 ridiculously adorable
line of baby girl clothes.
so bright, bold, fun.
since i do not have a little girl,
i have my fingers crossed that
one of my clients with a little girl 
will also fall in love with 
the same line of girls clothes
from mini boden...
photos would be priceless, no doubt.

 Girls-1H-14yrs-Corn-Doves-Button-Pinafore-Dress.html.jpg Girls-1H-14yrs-Silver-Grey-Paintbox-Fun-Printed-Dress.html.jpg Girls-1H-14yrs-Mid-Denim-Pretty-Pintuck-Dress.html.jpg
Girls-1H-14yrs-Tulip-Pansy-Bed-Printed-Gypsy-Skirt.html.jpg Girls-1H-14yrs-Emerald_French-Blue-Easy-Jersey-Skirt.html.jpg Girls-1H-14yrs-Corn-Cabbage-Rose-Printed-Skirt.html.jpg 
Girls-1H-14yrs-Dark-Grey-Melange_Citrus-Spot-Hotchpotch-Cardigan.html.jpg Girls-1H-14yrs-Grey-Melange_Soft-Red-Stripe-Hotchpotch-Cardigan.html.jpg Girls-1H-14yrs-French-Blue_Chilli-Spot-Hotchpotch-Cardigan.html.jpg
Girls-1H-14yrs-Peacock-Textured-Beret-Scarf-Set.html.jpg Girls-1H-14yrs-Corn_Oatmeal-Stripe-Fair-Isle-Beret-Scarf-Set.html.jpg Girls-1H-14yrs-Soft-Red-Textured-Beret-Scarf-Set.html.jpg

so fun.




"it isn't the big pleasures that count the most. 
its making a great deal out of the little ones." - j. webster

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