Sunday, September 16, 2012


my dear sweet, beautiful friend sherry
called a few weeks ago inquiring about a family portrait session...
i was soooo thrilled!

sherry + andrew + sophia
are an amazing trio! i love them.
the are beautiful.
and kind.
and talented!
sweet sweet sweet sophia unicycles! and does par-core!
she is incredible.

i LOVED this shoot.
fabulous subjects +
amazing light
made for a perfect early a.m. shoot at golden gardens:

(oh my goodness! that sweet face!)

sherry once paid me one of the best compliments i have ever heard.
"you live a charmed life," she said.
those words stuck with me.

i would like to pay the same compliment to her.
charmed indeed.

thank you sherry, andrew and sophia for spending
a saturday morning with me.
what fun!



"friends, they are kind to each other's hopes. they cherish each other's dreams." 
- thoreau.

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